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How to find safest crating & shipping services for your critical equipment & machinery

Updated: Dec 24, 2018

There are thousands of local machine movers and rigging companies that can help you removing and relocating your business equipment & machinery. What do you do when you need your critical equipment de-installed that also requires electrical, technical & mechanical dismantling? If one piece of equipment, or relocating your complete manufacturing production line that needs to be re-installed; many companies are needing more complete worldwide solutions that also include export crating and international shipping.

So many companies are relocating some of their manufacturing & production lines to export to more efficient areas of the world, or import back to USA. Heavyweight and oversize business equipment relocation solutions require OEM technicians, and multinational teams and co-operating contractors groups that can handle complex electrical, technical & mechanical de-installations and re-installations; not limited to one locality or country.

Also working with only the largest and most experienced world-class international freight forwarders & customs brokers is important for safest machine import-export, critical equipment precision moving, international crating & shipping solutions.

Although these international dismantling and installation project solutions are proprietary and subject to NDA, we think this 2 minute video may interest people looking for solutions to international machinery moving, safest heavyweight rigging and export crating services.

Relocating your business is the perfect time to think about upgrading your services and streamline your  operations to help you grow your bottom line.

Moving a small business can seem like a Herculean task, but there’s usually a great reason behind it: you’ve found so much success that your current location no longer suits you. That’s a reason to celebrate. Relocating your business is the perfect time to think about how you can upgrade your services and streamline your business operations in a way that will help you maintain that same momentum and grow your bottom line. Here’s a checklist of upgrades to help ensure your move is successful and keeps leveraging you forward.

1. Get rid of your old equipment and purchase more efficient hardware.

Many small businesses are bootstrapped, which means they get their start with whatever they can find. This can often mean older, less-effective equipment, such as printers, monitors, cash registers and servers. Consider donating or scrapping all your old hardware and upgrading to better equipment for your new office. While they may seem like luxury purchases, better computer equipment can amp up your productivity as well as your service to customers (and maybe even save a few dollars on energy use and supplies). Even better, think about how to forego physical equipment altogether. Today’s SAAS and cloud solutions make some of that bulky old equipment, like servers and cash registers, obsolete.

2. Upgrade your services to fit what your evolving needs.

Few things impact your productivity like a slow Internet connection. Even if your Internet service is fine for what you have now, a new location may mean more employees or business services, which will eventually mean more strain on your network. Think about upgrading your Internet speeds, max bandwidth, and even your phone service. The right business phone service can keep you connected to your office phone, even if you’re out and about. Call forwarding can send calls from your office phone directly to your personal phone, which keeps a level of separation between you and your clients while still giving you all the convenience of a mobile phone.

3. Update your look.

A new location means a fresh start. Embrace the newness of it all and bring your look up to date. You can maintain your brand while still updating things like signage, furniture, and packaging. This investment will be a symbol of success to your customers.

4. Give a boost to your business website.

If you’re moving to a new location or opening a second storefront, you have to update all of the online information related to your business. Why not go a step further update the Web design and functionality of your site? Having a second branch gives you the opportunity to double your online presence, increase your search engine optimization, and more. In today’s interconnected world, a shift in your physical location should also spell changes to your digital space. Think about adding better customer experience functions, such as the ability to schedule an appointment or order products directly on your site. And don’t forget to update your “Google My Business” site with your new location and hours.

5. Improve your software.

If you’re going to upgrade your web and phone services, take the chance to upgrade your software, too. Better small business software can streamline your workflow and help you maintain your momentum throughout the day. Even small upgrades, like the ability to sign documents digitally or streamline project management, can greatly reduce the amount of time you spend on the everyday tasks to run your business. Be sure to also think about data storage and security.

The move to a new location is the perfect time to expand and upgrade. Even a single improvement that helps you stay focused, productive, and efficient can have far-reaching effects on your bottom line. Use this checklist to reduce the stress of a move and help you stay on top of what matters — growing your company.


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