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Why do Global 5000 clients use us for Nationwide and worldwide on-site equipment removal, high performance crating design & construction for their business equipment relocation and shipping solutions? 
We help you with the safest solutions

Time Critical: When multiple production lines and all related support components had to be dismantled, match-mark labeled, inventoried, protected with high-performance vci vapor corrosion inhibitors, vacume packing, custom designed full encasement crating and all transport & shipping logistics from throughout the USA to India; requiring hundreds of ocean-containers, they called our group for Nationwide solutions, Global results and safe arrival solutions.

Emergency:  When hospitals in New Orleans were hit by flooding from hurricane Katrina and all hospital & surgical equipment had to be removed and quickly evacuated, protected and safely transferred to alternate hospitals; The Multinational Groups provided all of the solutions necessary to complete the project.

We help you with the most cost-effective solutions


Medical & Educational Relief: After the earthquake that generated the great Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004, the Multinational group was asked to retrieve medical, technical and educational materials from throughout the world. Some locations had one piece, many locations required complete de-installation, and machine dismantling.


They were then sorted, categorized, configured, match-mark bar-coded, protected, export crated and exported to university hospitals throughout Asia for set-up and complete installation.


The Groups have helped thousands of clients with Nationwide international specialized machine relocations and installations for turnkey Business to Business Industrial plant relocation solutions: No limits on size or weight

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